Prepare your children for their brightest future. H.O.S.C.A believes in an environment of choice; full of activities and options! We offer a unique educational experience, designed to be inclusive, respectful and promote participatory engagement. We welcome all children from kindergarten to year level 8.

Our Mission!
Our Philosophy!

Here at Hosca;

Children are valued for their individuality and for their wonder and curiosities. We believe in children’s right to PLAY.

  • We believe that children must have some control over the direction of their learning and be given endless ways and opportunities to express themselves

  • All children have the right to learn through play which should be fun, exciting, challenging, hands-on, stimulating, relaxing, interactive, comforting and spontaneous

  • We feel that it is important to provide guidance and opportunities for children to discover, explore, create, investigate, practice theories, experiment, solve problems, express ideas and be calculated risk takers with the support of other children and the educators

  • We believe in celebrating children’s play, discoveries and learning and will do so through reflection, meaningful documentation, and learning stories




Hosca’s philosophy recognises the benefits of providing a holistic learning experience for our children in a caring, enriching environment supported by skilled, knowledgeable and passionate Educators who value families and the community.



The Latest Lowdown

News & Headlines

Check out all the happenings here at H.O.S.C.A. You’ll find out more about our latest programs and what we have coming up in the future. We also provide regular updates and information about what we are doing within our community. Keep updated by reading our newsletters and please check in with us to stay informed.

Our Program

It is the children’s program and they choose how they spend their time here. We involve the children in creating our program to cater to their needs and wants, we hold meetings and take minutes which then evolve into our programs. We
as Educators assess these experiences with the children and ask that you as families become involved also, we keep a journal of our daily activities by the sign in/out register and ask that you contribute to writing comments and suggestions in it. Your children’s time at Hosca is documented as observations and is yours to take as a keepsake when you
leave Hosca.


The children at HOSCA are always very busy creating and crafting new and exciting projects! Click below to see all of their latest masterpieces!

Upcoming Events

Click below to view the calendar of our upcoming events and fundraisers.

Upcoming Events


Welcome to all of our families, we love your feedback and suggestions for improvement so have a chat to an Educator or send us a message if you would like to have some input into what we do.

Our Program

Started November 2019

Towards the end of last year we started a program wall as you enter our Darlington centre. During the month of November and December we had our program focused on Dominoes as we were all showing a really big interest on these. The dominoes were a hit and we all learnt lots of different ways of building, we understood the need for persistence and patience while setting up the dominoes.


During the summer holiday's and first term of 2020, we did lots of clay projects, including pinching pots, bird houses, bowls and monsters. These are now getting glazed  and hopefully be ready to go home soon.

This term we are focusing on our Quality Area 1, upon entering Hosca you will notice we have placed information on Quality Area 1 from our Quality Improvement plan, We would love some feed from our families about this area which focuses on our programming and how we deliver it. 

Covid-19 update

Child Care Fees

Hosca will continue to provide high quality care during this time. We do ask that if you/or your child are unwell to please stay home.

The Government has offered free child care for essential workers. No fees for care will be charged till 28th June 2020.

Children's Portfolio's

Your children have folders at Hosca that are theirs to keep when they leave; it has stories, drawings and photos of their time here, you are welcome to read these and contribute to them also.    

Vacation Care July

If you have any idea's for the upcoming school holiday's Please have a chat with one of educators and or send us a email with your idea's

AGM & Busy Bee

15th September 2019


May 2020

Our community is made up of some incredible people that support us through so much, if there's anything we can do to help pay it forward please ask, if we can we will :) 

Paver Fundraiser

We are doing our Paver.  fundraiser to add more paving for our entrance to make a nice meeting area for everyone to enjoy. 

Paver prices are 

Single Paver $40

Double Paver $80

Hand Drawn Paver $50

Paver order's due back by the 15th May 2020

Contact Us!​

Visitors are always welcome to our centre. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch. Fill out the form to enquire.

Hours of Operation

Before School Care 6:45am - 8:45am

After School Care 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Vacation/Holiday and PFD Care 7:00am - 6:00pm

Postal Address

PO Box 89,
Glen Forrest, WA 6071​

HOSCA Locations

545 Glen Rd
Darlington, 6070

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