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HOSCA’s unique program enhances childrens’ wellbeing and their connections to community, to their environment, to their natural world, and to each other.



At HOSCA we believe in children’s right to PLAY.


Children’s wellbeing, safety and health is paramount, the rights and best interests of the children underpins our practice.

Children are successful, competent, and capable learners who are empowered to take a leading role in the planning and delivery of our program, learning to effectively participate and contribute to their own and HOSCA’s future.

Our program is developed and celebrated to connect the children to their world, community, and each other.

Our environment encourages creativity, curiosity, exploration, and problem solving in an atmosphere of warmth, affection, and respect for each child.

Equity, inclusion, and diversity are embedded in our practice.


Parents and Families are welcomed, as only they can bring their families dynamics and values to our attention, where we can incorporate these into their child’s time at HOSCA.

We value a strong connection with families to act in the best interests of your children.

Family suggestions and feedback are sought after and acted upon. We appreciate Families hopes and dreams for your children and strive to contribute to your child’s growth in the areas that are important to you.


Our Committee are valued for their time and commitment to HOSCA.

Ensuring that we operate transparently, upholding our values, keeping the service accountable, being supportive and truly caring for the direction that HOSCA is heading. Continuous Improvement and quality practice is at the forefront of all decisions.


Educators are the structure that we build our children’s relationships on. These people are involved in your children’s lives, they care, they embrace, they share passion and delight, they strive to continuously improve with professional development.

We communicate and follow through with the needs of families. We listen, we laugh, we hurt, we care.

Our Educators are committed to best practice, professionalism, and honest, caring communications.


Our Community we are proud to be a part of, we contribute and participate. We will support a family in need any way we can, often with our own resources and time. We connect and contribute and are proud to have these connections. We are environmentally responsible and are continually improving our efforts of recycling to improve the world we live in. We garden, we learn about nature, we appreciate her, she provides for us, we nurture her, we respect her.


Being, Belonging, Becoming – completely, respectfully, and lovingly

Join us, participate in our program, share your hopes for your children, share your skills, contribute to our planning, celebrate your childrens’ achievements, offer your time, join our committee, improve our world. 😊

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